Friday, February 16, 2007

Japanese Lunch

Vegan Spicy Shrimp Sushi Roll
By Virginia's Vegan World Kitchen

Spicy shrimp is incredibly easy to make. All you need is:

4 Vegan Shrimp
1 Tbs Vegan Mayonaise
1 Tsp Sirachi hot sauce
Sushi rice


Make and cool your sushi rice. Sushi novices can find instructions for making the rice and rolling the roll on a number of websites.

Very finely mince the defrosted shrimp. You could use a food processor if you like a finer mixture. Stir in the mayo and the hot sauce. Check your mixture and add more hot sauce if you like it to have more of a kick. Lay out your nori, cover it with sushi rice and place the mixture at the very bottom as in the picture. Roll it up (I use a dishtowl to help me with this as it's much easier to clean than a bamboo sushi mat.)

I also made:

Basic Vegan California Roll

This is an easy roll to make with avocado, slivers of organic carrots and cucumber. See below:

My final item was:

Inari Sushi

It doesn't get any easier than this. The little tofu "packets" called aburage can be bought in the cold section of many Japanese markets. Fill it with the sushi rice and add a sprinkle of vegan furikake (a rice seasoning made with sesami seeds, nori, and sometimes greens like spinach. Be careful when you buy this as many versions have bonito flakes or other fish in them). If you don't have any furikake, you can use sesame seeds and crumpled notri.

Here's the final lunch:

The spicy shrimp roll is on the top, the California roll on the bottom, and the Inari is snuggled in between. I've added wasabi in the upper right corner and pickled ginger in the upper left, with a little dish of soy sauce off to the left. Only half of each roll is on the plate. The other half, along with another Inari went into my bento box:

I put a little drop of the Sirachi sauce on each spicy roll, to give it a little extra kick. to the left is a little bottle of soy sauce and a little container of wasabi. Above that is the pickeled ginger. You can see the little door open on the lid that hides the chopsticks. I love this box :)

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